Addiction + Denial = Out of Control

Some people over-drink, overeat, gamble, do substances and drugs or become abusive. Some people get addicted to their feelings. When our negative thoughts let us do wrong, we get controlled by our thoughts and feelings. Addiction starts to control various aspects of our lives which affects our potential to do anything.  

Mentally, addiction directly affects how we live our life, feel and think. The growth process is adversely affected which makes the addict feel selfish and childish, they do not pay attention to others. Psychologically, the addict goes in denial and they will do anything to prove that their behavior is in control but actually, it is not in control. Addicts only care about themselves and they get real experts at manipulating others into believing them. 

Emotionally, the addict becomes defensive if someone tries to take away what he/she desires. They act insensitively as they have a hard time suppressing their negative emotions. When they become too dependent on addiction, they try their best to justify why they think that they are better than before. Low self-esteem makes them feel sensitive and they catch attention from others.  

Spiritually, addicts are at loss. Addiction keeps the person away from becoming what he wanted to be. True potential is stunted. Addicts say things about how their life would be without addiction. They miss out so much in life and are unable to give anything to themselves. 

Weakness and sins are denied, feelings are all about unhappiness only. If they admit that God is their real source of happiness, then they will have to admit all their sins and fallings, an addict needs to trust God and have faith in their prayer to quit the addiction. The whole family of the addict is affected, especially the one who loves the addict is the enabler because they help the addict to hide their things under the rug. Unfortunately, the enabler suffers along with the addict too as he/she doesn’t come through with the needs of the addict and starts expecting so much from them. The enabler is just as sick as the addict mentally and emotionally. They both need help. 

The enabler is also the rescuer of the addicted one. The longer the addict is involved in consuming a substance, the more it will get his enabler into the problem.  

Now, what happens to the person who is controlled by addiction? A lot of different things take place, but a few of them control the addict. Emotional imbalance is one of them and declining health is the other. Some addicts experience depression and lack spiritual realism. As long as the person remains unspiritual, they remain a slave to their addictive behavior. It usually takes a fortune for the addict to become spiritual and to ask God for help and forgiveness. 

On the other hand, some addicts look like they are normal like everyone else, they peach god, go to church/temple, raise their family and make a career for themselves. But in the rush of all this, they still lack god wisdom to realize what impact has addiction done on his mind and body. For the addict, just being able to continue with their work-life and family is important, they don’t want anyone to realize that they are in denial and having a problem in getting stable enough. 

The addict must come to see who he is and what is he capable of. But if the addict is in denial, it is not going to be easy for him to process. He/she is an arrogant individual who is not in control so how can we expect them to understand and accept anything. Enablers can help the addicted one to understand what they are capable of. 

So, what are the reasons that addicts can’t stop using the substance? 

Here are three main reasons: 

  1. DENIAL = emotionally refute and refuse to believe in the reality 
  1. FEAR = terror, afraid of everyone, and panic 
  1. SPIRITUAL LOSS = arrogant, selfish, proud

The mind of addicts are under the control of addiction, they try to take hold of it but their body refuses. They are taken over by fear at the thought of not getting their next fix, that they will lose their life but that is not true! 

At first, it seems hard to control addiction but once you start the procedure, you will try to let go of all the insecurity, self-doubting, and fear, you will overcome everything with the help of god. You need to be motivated enough if you want to get rid of your addiction.  

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