Common Misconceptions About Addicts

There are many misconceptions about people who go through addiction, addicts may seem lazy but they aren’t always in the same mood. They try to motivate themselves for doing something or to satisfy their need. They make sure that they are getting enough drugs and are having enough stock to take for the next few days.   

They do planning on how to sustain more alcohol bottles and packets of drugs to survive, they also have to hide it from the nearby people, for them, it is a work filled with efforts. When an addict recovers and attains sobriety, they realize that they wasted their whole time in planning non-sense stuff and it consumed them completely. It becomes important for the sober addict to remain occupied as their guilt comes back to them when they think of their past. 

Are addicts stupid? An addict’s brain goes through changes that lead to disturbing behavior, addicts do stupid things but they are not stupid. The irrational side of their brain takes over the other side of their brain which causes this behavior to come out. They fail at making decisions and fear consumes them from inside.  

People have a misconception that addicts live a carefree life, but that is not true. Most of the addicts are on their medicines and are trying to run away from their behavior, they have to take medicines to make themselves feel normal. But the truth is they are not feeling so good inside, they just show others that they are trying to be fine. This is why addicts need proper care and therapy so that they can become sober and get their normal life back.  

Alcohol and drug addicts often feel irritable and think fuzzy. They catch depression, hopelessness and get physically sick if they don’t get their drug/alcohol. This increases hardships for them and they start getting mentally ill. Addicts are slaves, they have to continue their drug use even if they don’t want to take it. They have to lie to their loved ones and hide their addicted part of life to feel normal. 

Addicts are paranoid and deal with greater fears than non-addicts. They know that sooner or later, they are going to get caught and their addiction will come to an end eventually. They are aware that addiction is taking their life away.  

Another misconception is that addicts lack willpower. Addicts indeed lack the willpower to beat addiction but this is because of changes in mind and behavior. Due to the worse nature of addiction, they become more compulsive despite negative consequences. When an addict tries to stop by willpower, he/she feels full strength of the addiction. They are often defeated when they decide to quit, they seem lazy as they lay in their bed all day long.  

A failure to quit a destructive habit like addiction is not because he/she lacks willpower, but because of changes in brain functioning. An addict won’t recover if he is forced to do so. The majority of addicts are already in denial, so they think that they don’t need any help, for them, it won’t work out or they will experience negative consequences.  

Some addicts avoid going for treatment because they want to. Most of them are forced to go for treatment, addicts might go to rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon forcefully but after a certain period, they attain sobriety and feel like they should continue treatment. That is the moment when addicts start getting recovered.  

In rehabilitation centre in New Delhi, the drug is taken away from the addict and it helps them to realize how addicted they are to drugs and alcohol. They get to see their ‘real life’ once the drug is taken away from them. Some addicts can quit in weeks whereas, for some, it takes months to recover. This is how addicts rationalize their addiction and try to take control of it. 

If you are going through any kind of addiction then seek help so that you can get to live a normal life like others. 


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