Helping A Family Member / Friend with Drug Abuse And Addiction Problem

The people who live around an addict, or are his/her friend know that they need help in curing their addiction. Many addicts die just like that, they do not get the help they need. Our goal is to provide knowledge to family/friends of the addict regarding the intervention process. 

An addict knows inside that he/she needs help to break their addiction, whenever he/she fails at something, they want to talk about it to their loved ones. Unfortunately, they are not able to talk about their addiction to their loved ones due to mental pressure and that makes them want to consume more drugs/alcohol.  

Why do people fall into the vicious cycle of addiction? – Some people have childhood issues, past trauma that makes them addicted to the substance. People lose their best friend, wife/husband, children to addiction. A family member can look at the life of the addict and can see a hundred reasons why he/she should give up drugs but they won’t be able to see why that person chose the path of addiction in the first place. There are problems that the addict finds to be real or significant in the life of the addict, which the addict sees as the reasons for giving up the use of drugs. It is necessary to identify these reasons to remind the addict why he/she needs help. 

What pressure does the addict feel on him/her? – The addicts do not have the same reality of life as the non-addicts have. He/she may have a serious health problem, no friends, or low income, things are not okay for them. Many addicts overdose and get one step closer to death every day. This sounds crazy but it is a part of an addicts’ life. 

Addicts often encounter additional pressure, which forces them to choose between getting treated or continuing the use of the drug. Pending fees for drug purchases can cause some real problems for the addict and can lead him to jail, so they have to choose between the two. An addict only seeks help when someone close to him/her forces him/her to quit the addiction. Rich addicts have a good place to live and have no legal issues, do not seek help, because for them, their life is good and they are problem-free. 

Who should help the addicts? – Another question that arises is, who should be there for the person. This should be figured out in advance, the number of people doesn’t matter but who has chosen to be there matters. The person who steps up to support the addict becomes the opinion leader and has to be there no matter what. A leader is well-aware of his agenda towards the addict. 

Family members should be there as long as they are agreeing that their family members need help and he/she should get better. If there is someone antagonistic in the family against the addict and is always arguing and is not able to control himself, leave that person behind and just keep on supporting the addict. 

There are cases when addicts hurt their family members, be it in an argument or through actions, but when it comes to supporting, only family can guide the person and give the love he/she needs during the whole procedure of recovery. 

So, if anyone from your family or friends is going through any kind of addiction, make sure that you support him/her in the best way possible. Try to convince them to get a rehabilitation centre in New Delhi. Awakening Wellness Retreat is one of the best rehabs in Gurgaon. You can reach out to us and we will make sure to be there for you and your family members. 

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