Helping Someone With Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is defined as a chronic, primary disease with genetic and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. Research shows that 50% of the overall alcohol addicts engage in this activity due to family history, childhood trauma, or poor self-esteem, and some of them get indulged because they get forced by friends. 

Once the person passes all the levels of alcohol abuse along with tolerance, he gets addicted to it and starts over drinking. By that time, his/her brain gets manipulated and they start enjoying this addiction. It becomes extremely difficult to come out of this cycle after you have crossed all the levels. 

One must know that alcohol abuse is different from alcohol addiction. Those who abuse alcohol drink heavily but not regularly. This behavior leads to substance abuse which causes alcohol poisoning, this abuse changes into addiction. Alcohol addiction includes tolerance and dependence. 




Alcohol use is common in India, as per research 23% to 74% of males, in general, are involved in alcohol abuse whereas 24% to 48% of females are indulged in the same. N 2005, the estimated number of people using alcohol in India was 62.5 million with 17.4% of them were suffering from alcohol disorders and hospitals reported 30% of patients admitted due to the same cause. 

On the other hand, in 2020, male drinkers consumed around 18.3 liters of alcoholic beverages per capita. So many people are now going through alcohol addiction. 

Here are a few alarming statistics: 

– Approx. six people lose their lives every day due to alcoholism. 

– Alcoholism is the third leading cause of death in the nation. 

– Men are twice as likely as women to overdo drinking, be intoxicated, or be involved in subtle abuse. 

To be alarmed, know the warning signs of alcohol addiction. It will consume your whole body and mind, normal life will be disrupted by the serious effects of addiction. To some people, it seems like not a real thing but it is a big menace. To be careful enough, take care of these red flags mentioned below: 

  1. Drinking alone rather than having a company 
  1. Lying about your drinking 
  1. Binge drinking wherever possible irrespective of the time 
  1. Weight gaining due to slow absorption of nutrients 
  1. No fear of the law of drinking 
  1. Negative attitude towards everything 
  1. Getting a drink over every sorrow and happiness 
  1. Tolerance to the abuse and hangover problem 




People think that if they drink, they will get their life problems sorted but that is not true. Dependence, abuse, and addiction are problems in themselves. 


Here are some long-term effects of alcohol use on your body: 

– Breathing issues 

– Coma and blackouts 

– Eyesight problems 

– Headaches and drowsiness 

– Vomiting and anemia 

– Hormonal changes in body 

– Fetal damage 

– Relationship issues 

– High blood pressure and liver disease 

– Sleep problems 

– Violent behavior 

– Sexual problems 

– Depression and personality disorders 


How to support someone who is going through alcohol addiction 


If you think that someone in your known is suffering from alcohol addiction then he/she might be needing your support. Your little support can help them to recover, they will feel loved and will learn to preserve, will be remembered for recovery and not for addiction. 


Here are a few ways how you can help someone: 

  1. convince them to join help groups or rehabilitation centre in New Delhi
  1. be forgiving and avoid blaming them for anything 
  1. lead them by giving a positive real-life example of recovery 
  1. make them do a detox or any therapy session whenever possible 
  1. make them feel important and valued 
  1. tell them about the effects of their habits on you and your surrounding environment 
  1. don’t let them feel alone or unwanted 
  1. avoid getting in any argument with them 
  1. convince them to see an expert or doctor regarding their addiction problem 
  1. remember to keep yourself sane and physically fit 


As alcohol addiction grows, the stigma around alcohol addiction becomes a key in supporting someone. 


Some of the points that you need to keep in mind are: 

– addiction is a disease so spread the word so that people can change their mindset towards drinking 

– talk about stats and prove that this is curable 

– offer help and support them emotionally 

– make yourself feel calm and composed 

– give your best to find out the root cause of addiction for the person 

– do your research and check how can you put in more effort for the addict 

– motivate people 

Some people go through addiction but refuse to take help, what to do with them? 


Living in denial is what they do, they are not even willing to talk about their addiction. There are steps for that too, keep reading to find out: 


  1. Persuasion – the first step involves communicating with the person about his mental and physical health and trying to convince them for joining any help group. Discuss some healthy lifestyles and what they are missing out on in the real world. Try for family therapy sessions to enhance the bond among each other. 
  1. Set limits and boundaries – take some time to mend the addict’s habits, try to make them follow some home rules, this will help them to get into a daily routine and they will probably become distracted from their addiction. Stick to the afflicted person and let them take their time. 
  1. Medical treatment – be aware of the concerned person’s habits and behaviors. Try to take him/her to the doctor or an expert and get some medical help if needed. Mental and physical health is always at stake when it comes to alcohol addiction. Keep planning small talk sessions with your therapist/doctor. 


 All we can conclude is that alcohol addiction is treatable, whether he is a regular drinker or occasional drinker. With the help of a proper treatment program that involves detox, therapy sessions, self-care, and relapse prevention therapy. Get yourself enrolled into our rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon, awakening wellness retreat, situated in sector 40, Gurgaon. We have all the facilities at our centre along with professional therapists and doctors who take utter care of all the patients.                                                                                                                                        


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