Addiction can destroy you and it will affect a person’s life if he/she is addicted to drugs or alcohol. It consumes the resources of a person, relationships and families suffer. Even if you are not addicted to anything but one of your family members is, you will be affected in some way or another. A psychologist has mentioned four D’s regarding addiction. These four D’s are the identifiers of addictions.  

Dysfunction – this is a state where a person jeopardizes his/her responsibilities because a certain addiction consumes his time and a person easily forgets his duties, functions and becomes careless. There is always a risk to compromise deadlines. There is the problem of overspending to meet the addiction demands. In drug addiction, everyone knows that cost of narcotics is not cheap. 

Danger – the issue in this symptom is the health of a person. Too much alcohol and drugs are very dangerous to health. Any addiction can be dangerous to a person and in most cases, an addicted person neglects proper eating habits and sleeping habits which can cause illness. There is also the risk of having an altered behavior, especially with drug or alcohol addiction. There is a risk that the addicted person may harm the people around him/her.  

Distress – this is one sure indicator if a person is already addicted to a substance, drink, or drug. If the person is agitated or feels anxious in the absence of the substance or drink, that person is already an addict. If the absence of the internet can cause you stress or anxiety, it is clear that you are addicted to the internet.  

Deviance – the last symptom is related to the person’s behavior. A person who exhibits peculiar behavior has an addiction. One of the most common behaviors that a person who has an addiction to something exhibits is secrecy. That person doesn’t want other people to know about his whereabouts and activities.  

Addiction is a social problem and the addicted person often refuses to get any help. But if you know someone who is addicted to something, help them get into proper treatment so that they can get their normal life back. The best treatment for addiction is available at our rehabilitation centre. Contact us to get more details on our Rehabilitation Center in New Delhi.