Addiction is a powerful and evil force that destroys the addict and the people he deals with every day. In this blog, you will understand what is addiction and how can you overcome it.  

Kinds of addictions  

Addiction and dependency come in many forms. We think about chemicals when it comes to addiction. Everyone knows that substances like smack, heroin, cocaine, and meth are addictive. Cigarettes are also acknowledged under the same category. Then there are booze, weed, and other social drugs.  

Interestingly, there is a sort of sliding scale for addictions and how we view addicts, even though mechanisms are the same and there isn’t much immediate difference between them. If you are addicted to a hard drug there is a mixture of pity and condemnation because those substances aren’t sanctioned by society at large. Tobacco and alcohol are generally accepted so people don’t look down on you unless things have gone right off the rails in your personal life.  

It is possible to become addicted to things that have no chemical power. You can be addicted to certain people or ways of doing things. These are not considered addictions but the mechanisms are similar to pure chemical addiction. Some people don’t believe that there is any such thing as addiction to a certain person or way of doing things, this is classified as OCD. 

How to know when you are addicted 

Not everyone who is using any substance is addicted. The question that determines addiction is can you quit? If a part of you wants to quit your dependency and another part wants to carry on despite all the costs, then you are addicted. That is the simplest definition one can ever come across to.  

Causes of addiction and dependency 

For some people, it is all in their genes. At the other end of the spectrum is the belief that addiction simply demonstrates a lack of moral fiber. Another explanation is that dependency is caused by faulty mental processes. Some believe that this is the power of chemicals that does you on. Nobody knows for sure at this point. The various cramps are fighting it out, the issue is unlikely to be resolved.  

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