Understanding Addiction and Simplicity of Cure

The first question that arises is “what is your understanding of addiction?” Addiction is a disease that involves craving for something, losing control over its use, and continuing involvement despite its negative impact on one’s life. Addiction develops when the urge to take a substance increases. Substance-related disorders impact the area of the brain which is responsible for human emotions. Addiction leads to short-term relief and long-term damage which includes relationships, health, family, and work.  

Overcoming addiction is a difficult challenge. Addiction prevents the patient from seeing their behavior clearly and the addictive behavior becomes quite difficult to break. Denial is all over the mind of an addict and it gradually destroys every sphere of an addict’s life and all that they are left with is addiction at the end. This affects their families too, the members usually become co-dependent to the addict. Hence, the only key to breaking addiction is to break the thinking cycle of the patients to keep them intact with what is going on in the real world. 

Addiction is usually to substances, drugs, alcohol, or sometimes it’s to behaviors like being addicted to food, shopping, or gambling. Now, the feeling of such addictions could be sad or happy. The people who are addicted to food, celebrate everything by eating, alcoholics celebrate with drinks and a gambler will celebrate by making a high-risk bet over a match. People indulge themselves in what makes them feel happier and this is how addictive behavior takes its shape. They make their addiction the only cure to every problem in their life. 

Addiction naturally gathers momentum for numerous reasons. The first reason is that an addict believes that he/she will gain some reward from their addiction but that is not at all true! If a person enjoys something, he/she must feel better after taking part in that particular activity but an addict starts feeling guilty after taking part in the same. An alcohol addict will have a massive hangover, a shopping addict will feel like he/she spent out for no reason. This is how they start feeling bad after their indulgence and all they think about is, ‘getting involved again’, this is when addiction becomes a vicious cycle, which just makes things worse for an addict. 

The second reason is that addiction is used as a coping mechanism for celebration. Whereas, if a person is in a good mental and healthy state, he/she will explore some new and different ways to ease their stress out, for example, going out for a walk, drinking coffee/tea, chatting with friends, or hanging out, maybe sleeping or meditating. So there are numerous ways but addicts, only see their addiction as a way to reduce their problems and therefore, this gives no coping mechanism to addicts which cause problems only. 

The third reason why addiction gathers momentum is that addiction happens towards the substance which causes a change in the behavior too. For instance, if a substance is physically addictive then this will cause a huge complication in the overall cycle of addiction as the body will start craving for it. This is how substance addiction works and there are withdrawal symptoms after the person gets rid of substance abuse. 

Forth and last reason is tolerance. The human body is designed systematically, when a person smokes for the first time, he/she will hate its taste, that’s how our body tries to warn us when something is harmful to us. But once we get addicted to its use, the body stops warning us and we keep on poisoning ourselves. It’s already assumed that there is no other option than taking drugs so we enjoy it even more. Now, this is how tolerance works its magic, whenever there is an increase in dosage, it makes it harder for the body to cope which deteriorates mental, physical, and emotional health even more. 

So basically, now we know what is addiction and how addiction gathers its momentum. And now we are going to explore how to overcome this addiction? 

Any challenge is hard to overcome, but an addiction, it’s actually about the perception of the patient that matters, his/her thinking process will determine the time and speed of recovery. Addict starts feeling helpless while they try to overcome their addiction, this is because they make their addictive behavior precious for themselves which makes it hard to process. This is what we call ‘Denial’. People need to understand the actual meaning of denial so that they can see that addiction is not serving them or benefitting them in any way. It has destroyed them to its extent. 

Physical addiction can be taken care of through detoxification whereas psychological addiction is the root and takes place by denial and negative thinking. It’s the game of thinking, change the thinking process and addiction will be gone. 

If you think you are having physical addiction, please seek help through a detoxification program. And if you think you have any other kind of addiction, just accept the fact and visit your doctor and get yourself into a rehabilitation centre in Gurgaon as soon as possible. A life without addiction is beautiful. You can focus on your career, family, and spouse. There is emotional pain beneath addiction, some go through lifetime trauma but please seek help for yourself, it is going to be worth it in the end. Therapies and treatments will help you solve all your problems and there will be an end to all the suffering. 

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